Shoot street photography for fun and art inspiration

One of my big passions when travelling solo to a new destination is doing street photography.This type of photography (versus documentary photography) does not require a lot of planning.Street does involve getting out of your comfort zone. It requires that you develop good photography skills as you have to think and act quickly on any photo oppurtunity.

Street photography is exactly what the name implies, taking film photography of real people (strangers) going about their lives. However, street photography isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. Unlike a controlled environment, your subjects don’t stop and pause for you, they don’t give you the exact expression you want, and they will probably have some reaction to you pointing a camera at them. Here are some tips to help you with street photography:

So here are couple of useful photography tips:

Let the subjects come to you.
Work the scene
Use a flash
Use a wide angle lens.
Get eye contact
Preset Your Film Camera Settings and Focus
Shoot From The Hip
Capture the unguarded moment
Direct the subject
Look for lines and patterns
Embrace negative space
Follow leading lines.
Use a faster film speed

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For Inspiration, I follow this famous Street & Documentary Photographers.

Dotan Saguy
In 2015 Dotan decided to focus on his lifelong passion for photography after a successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur. Since then Dotan attended the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop, the Missouri Photo Workshop and studied photojournalism at Santa Monica College.

Dotan’s award winning photographs have been published by National Geographic and many others. Check out his photo documentary on Venice Beach.






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