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Downtown LA Night Photo Tour

We will be taking night photos and check out the cool areas in downtown Los Angeles. We will go through the basics of the technical aspect of photography ( exposure ) and then the creative techniques ( composition ) as we walk all over downtown LA documenting the vibrant nightlife on the streets and inside the buildings.

Tours dates : November 3  to December , 2018
Tour prices : The 3 hour walking tour is $ 125 per person, $ 175 for 2 people. Maximum of 6 photo students
An extra hour is only $ 25 per person or $ 50 for 2 people.

We will be touring :

Pershing Square
The Last Book Store
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Topics I will cover in the night photo workshop:

Triangle of Exposure Basics – Relationship between film speed, shutter speed, and aperture.
Camera operation basics: Using different exposure modes ( auto settings and manual exposure.
Exposure bracketing, White Balance Settings etc,
Shooting HIGH ISO ( up to 6400 ) handheld versus shooting low ISO ( 100 ) with a tripod.
Creative composition using rule of thirds, frame within a frame, leading lines.

Subject Matter : Travel, People, Architecture, Documentary

Your photo assignment for tonight’s shooting :

We will be shooting for a travel magazine in LA that needs photos for an article showing foreign travellers the many fun attractions in Los Angeles they can explore on a budget. These are known as editorial photos. There will be critiques of your photos throughout the night.

Your photo instructors : Elle Gamboa or Salomon Pena  ( night photography specialist ) will be leading the night photo workshop. Be sure to bring a tripod with you.

Triangle of Exposure Chart Above


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