What you will learn :

Los Angeles Photo Safaris is taught by Los Angeles travel and commercial photographer Elle Gamboa. I loved teaching beginners and even advanced amateurs. My teaching philosophy is sum up in four words : Listen, Write notes, Apply, Ask questions.

Photography has three important principles : Lighting, exposure, & composition.

In a few hours I can move you from absolute beginner to amateur shutterbug taking pictures that will amaze your friends and family.Its important to remember that its the person who takes the picture and not the camera.

This introductory workshop is for beginners who would like to learn the basics of their digital camera. Are you still using automatic settings? Then this class is for you! Students discover how digital cameras work and how to control their image making. This workshop is an exciting way to learn the technical skills of image making and the proper settings for consistent results.

Our video basics for beginners workshops are taught by LA finest videographers & photographers. Learn how to shoot like a pro. Use your DSLR or even your Iphone to create amazing videos that will impress your friends and family

These workshops are geared for photography students who have taken camera basics or are well versed in using their camera settings. We will be using rule of thirds, frame within a frame,leading line, angles, and other creative techniques. Learn to develop your artistic eye.

Not all photos are creative equal when it comes to digital cameras. Most photos need to be organized, color corrected, resized for print or the web using these two most important tools for digital photographer. Lightroom is great for workflow & quick photo editing .Photoshop is great for digital manipulation & special effects.

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