Master your DSLR Camera in this fun Walking Photo Safari of Santa Monica & Venice Beach

Available Dates :  February 24 – April 24, 2020. All tours by appointment.
Workshop Fee : $ 175 per person ( Reserve your spot via Paypal )
Maximum participants: 6 people. You can book as close as a week in advance for a tour. This is a combo walking/uber photo safari. We can meet at either Santa Monica Pier or Venice Beach Board walk and take a short Uber ride to the next location.

Requirements: DSLR Camera like Nikon, Canon, or Sony, Standard kit lens ( 18-55mm ), a prime lens ( 50 mm ), and Telephoto lens

Meeting place:  Big Dean’s Oceanfront Cafe

What you will learn :

Photography basics ( Exposure principle ) using Triangle of exposure ( Film Speed, Shutter Speed, Aperture ) Creative composition like rule of thirds, leading lines,

Leanne, my photo student from Australia

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