Your instructors

Elle Gamboa – Head Photo Instructor

With my favorite dog Kai

Elle Gamboa is a freelance travel, fashion, & commercial photographer with a background in journalism, architecture and film production.Elle has been teaching photography and photoshop/ lightroom workshops the last 10 years. He started out shooting 35mm film and shooting weddings with 16mm film cameras. He has been shooting with digital cameras the last 12 years. Elle gain his knowledge of photography from assisting National Geographic photographers & magazine shooters. When he is not shooting images for clients or teaching, he is building WordPress sites.


Salomon Peña – Photo Instructor

Salomon’s patience and discipline developed during his years in the US Marine Corps. He now focuses his attention-to-detail through his camera lens.

Armed with his trusty Panasonic GH 4 and a few energy bars, Salomon is out scouting for locations long before most Angelenos are even awake. He is constantly seeking a unique aspect to capture his native Los Angeles.

Salomon photo book can be bought here