Griffith Park Morning Walking Photo Safari for Beginners or Advanced Shutterbugs

Experience a fun early morning photo walk with a local tour guide Los Angeles travel photographer This is a four-hour morning tour, available from 7am till 11pm due to the increased human and car traffic around popular tourist attractions in L.A. during the day

The cost of this tour is : $ 175 per person Where we meet : We will meet at the parking lot of Griffith Park Observatory

Who should take this photo tour ?

If you are an aspiring photographer with the basic skills who want to move to the next level Are you a tourist who want get better photography skills

Dates available :

July 20 - Sept.20,2021

What you will learn:

  • Digital camera basics - Bring a Canon or Nikon DSLR or any brand
  • Photographic basics - Lighting, exposure, composition
  • Exposure Basics - Get your photos in sharp focus & correctly exposed
  • Creative Composition - Rule of thirds, leading line, Frame within a frame
  • Creative critique from your photo instructor Elle Gamboa

Optional stuff:

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