We will be taking night photos and check out the cool areas in downtown Los Angeles. We will go through the basics of the technical aspect of photography ( exposure ) and then the creative techniques ( composition ) as we walk all over downtown LA documenting the vibrant nightlife on the streets and inside the buildings.

**Available Dates **

July 15 - Sept.30, 2021

Tour Prices The 4-hour walking tour is $ 175 per person, $ 300 for 2 people. We start at 6 pm

Topics I will cover in the night photo workshop:

Triangle of Exposure Basics – Relationship between film speed, shutter speed, and aperture. Camera operation basics: Using different exposure modes ( auto settings and manual exposure. Exposure bracketing, White Balance Settings etc, Shooting HIGH ISO ( up to 6400 ) handheld versus shooting low ISO ( 100 ) with a tripod. Creative composition using rule of thirds, frame within a frame, leading lines.

Subject Matter : Travel, People, Architecture, Documentary Los angeles 110 fwy night

Your photo assignment for tonight’s shooting :

We will be shooting for a travel magazine in LA that needs photos for an article showing foreign travellers the many fun attractions in Los Angeles they can explore on a budget. These are known as editorial photos. There will be critiques of your photos throughout the night.

Your photo instructors : Elle Gamboa ( night photography specialist ) w

Register for a photo workshop

Send me an email to [email protected]

To all new students: Please book this night photo tour 2-3 weeks ahead of time.