Griffith Park Walking Photo Safari for Beginners or Advanced Shutterbugs

Document and experience panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline in the late afternoon as we do a 3.5 mile hike up to the highest peaks of LA. Get to capture an amazing view of the Hollywood Sign fromthe Griffith Park Observatory. Griffith Park is the No. 1 tourist spot in LA so expect traffic at the parking lot. For alternate transportation, you can park your car at the bottom ( Los Feliz area ) and then take the Free Dash Bus up to the Observatory parking lot.

The cost of this 4-hour tour is : $ 200 per person.By appointment only.Longer tours available too. Where we meet : We will meet at the parking lot of Griffith Park Observatory or in Los Feliz neighborhood. Warning : Parking is difficult at the top parking level of Griffith park. It will be easier to catch the DASH OBSERVATORY BUS.

Who should take this photo tour ?

If you are an aspiring photographer with the basic skills who want to move to the next level. Are you a tourist who want get better photography skills ? Great tour for any photographer who wants a panoramic view of Los Angeles. Sunset and night views are the best.

Dates available :

April 1 - June 30,2023 - Starts at 1 or 2 pm.

What you will learn:

  • Digital camera basics - Bring a Canon or Nikon DSLR or any brand, Long telephoto lens ( 200 mm min )
  • Photographic basics - Lighting, exposure, composition
  • Exposure Basics - Get your photos in sharp focus & correctly exposed
  • Creative Composition - Rule of thirds, leading line, Frame within a frame
  • Creative critique from your photo instructor Elle Gamboa

Optional stuff:

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